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Reversi of Infinity


Many stages from logic in earnest to Interesting gimmick!Let's play the ReversiMany stages from logic in earnest to Interesting gimmick !!Can play a application from "expert" to "beginner" widely.stage is in total 128 in "stage mode" and "Series of battles"There is " 2 player mode" Can play with a friend" other than CPU playIt is very interesting application " Reversi of Infinity "
○Rank system"Rank point" is added in "Victory of each mode"Renk-up is the rank that "rank point" is "Constant value"Let's aim at the best rank "SSSS" !!!
◆Reversi game mode○Stage mode64 stages with a ”special” gimmickLet's aim at the complete on all the stages!After the capture, "2 player mode" is unlocked
○Series of battlesA stage appears in random from 128 stage!Win on a stage consecutively
○Treasure huntAdd the "Treasures point" when return a Stone of opponent"Treasures point" of the treasure variesIt is 3 stages in total !!Find out All treasure covered by the stage !
Very good game Reversi of Infinity !!Please enjoy it !!